Guilty Pleasure

Yes...thats right, Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is a fledgling TV series, reemerging after the writer's strike with a vengeance. One of my younger sisters actually first introduced me to Gossip Girl, via the original idea - a popular book series (consider it a racier version of the Sweet Valley High books). The show - loosely based upon the book series - is edgy, entertaining, and boasts a cast of beautiful people wearing glamorous clothes.

I'm beginning to think maybe it's a nostalgic notion. I consider Gossip Girl to be a guilty Monday-night pleasure, perhaps because it reminds me of the plot thickening drama, lust, and lies of retired favorite - Beverly Hills, 90210.


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Jody said...

my life is over!!! I went to watch it online, and they have decided not to air any of these episodes online! WHAT AM I TO DO!?!?!?!