B for Boleyn

The notoriously unpredictable Seattle weather was in true form this weekend. My mini road-trip with friends to the tulip fields an hour north of Seattle was postponed due to Spring showers. In lieu of our outdoorsy jaunt, my friend Carrie and I decided to go see the movie, The Other Boleyn Girl.The movie was pretty good, Natalie Portman is as much a devious vixen as Scarlett Johansson is sweet and demure. My favorite part was probably the costumes, some of these headdresses were so elaborate and detailed, they almost resembled mini wedding cakes atop the characters heads.

One thing I noticed while watching the film was this suspiciously modern necklace donned by Anne Boleyn (Portman) for the majority of the film. Reminiscent the Tiffany letter pendant necklaces, Anne wore a pearl choker adorned with the letter "B" for Boleyn. Well I did some googling, and turns out this choker was indeed historically accurate, contrary to how it may appear on Portman (see above)...the modern looking choker was even included in Anne Boleyn's portrait.While it's not really my style, I find it an intriguing piece of jewelry, and for the history enthusiasts, I have come to know that replicas are plentiful online. This "B" even shows up in pop culture on TV character Ugly Betty!
For your own collection, Duchessa on etsy has a few versions that are spot on!


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Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Good eye! I want to see that movie too!