Emoi Emoi

A while ago, I was contacted by Emoi Emoi, a chic online French boutique specializing in comfortable and cozy maternity and nursing wear.  While I'm neither nursing nor pregnant at present,  I still can still vouch for and attest from experience that convenience, comfort are essential when it comes to maternity and nursing wear, and a hint of style never hurt anyone, right?  Especially during those early days when you're feeling far from glamorous...

  The "Maman Poule" shirt, (which is unfortunately, they no longer carry).  Though here are some of their new sweatshirts, and if they're anything like the tees,  the softest fabric ever!  Here are some sweatshirts that are similar.  1 point for comfort!  Also, I liked this shirt for its French translation of "Mother Hen" quite fitting as we often refer to her as "Grumpy Goose" when she's fussy.  Plus it's a glamorous step up from the ratty t-shirts I often wore when nursing.  1 point for convenience and style!
My special delivery was wrapped in the cutest "packaging," a charming reusable tote. 
 Isn't this the cutest? Love the message too...
Check out Emoi Emoi for cozy, comfy maternity and nursing attire.  Here are a few of my favorites from the sight that I'm bookmarking for future reference. 

shirt c/o emoi emoi

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