The Pie Project - #1 Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie

And I'm off to a good start - made my first pie!  Apple Cranberry Crumble Pie a la Joy the Baker.  I followed her directions to a T, and the pie turned out flavorful and delicious.  This was my practice pie - we had a group of friends over Sunday afternoon to watch the Seahawks game, so I used the opportunity to test the recipe on my girlfriends before making it for my family at Thanksgiving.   

A few changes I'll make before baking again; cut the apple slices a tad thinner, as there were a few slices that were a little too crunchy for my taste, and add more cornstarch, as the base of my pie was a little soupy.  But otherwise - another win for Joy the Baker.  

image/recipe via joythebaker


Linda said...

Nice. I want to make this now.

heather{land} said...

Yay! Seriously, look into tapioca as a thickener (grind it up in a spice grinder) can't taste it and it works beautifully!