The Pie Project

In an effort to up my game as a baker and make a mark on this year's Thanksgiving, I've decided to learn how to make perfect pie crust.  Challenge accepted.  "Have you ever made a pie before?" one might ask...  The answer is, "well yes," I've made pie crust here and there through the years, but not without painstakingly flipping back and forth from a cookbook to my floury surface, fingers sticky with dough, to ensure I don't miss a crucial step.  This is my goal - to become such an "expert" at pie crust, the recipe is no longer necessary - it'll be all from memory.  So, here goes,"The Pie Project."  Make 30 pies.  Not giving myself a deadline, as I'm trying to be realistic as I currently have a full time job and an active 14-month old, among the rest of my life.  But I'm inspired.  And excited.

So...what should my first pie be?  I was thinking about this...

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