Soup Sundays

Want to know what I've been up to this past week?  Having the flu!  Bleh!  Technically my flu test was negative, but all of my symptoms: fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, full body aches and pains are also flu symptoms, in addition to the fact that I started showing symptoms the same day as my flu shot.  So...I'm calling this kettle black.  

Anyway…before I came down with this bout of illness, I had made a big pot of the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Potato Soup.  This really is the perfect fall soup, ideal for making on a Sunday night for dinner, to be easily reheated for lunch throughout the week.  While the chopping is a bit cumbersome, the finished product is worth all of your dicing efforts.
And fortunately, I did get to eat at least one bowl of this before resorting to a saltine cracker and Gatorade diet by necessity.

Stay healthy out there.  And flu (non-flu virus) free.



heather said...

Yuck. Hope you are on the mend from your ILI (influenza-like illness -- a very real diagnosis!) :)

Blogger said...

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