Meeting Blog Friends

Have you ever met up with other bloggers in real life?  To date, I have met two bloggers in person, and hopefully more to come!  

My first blog friendship turned reality was with Vivian of Lost in Translation.  Vivian is a Canadian ex-pat, living in Japan as an English language teacher.  During the planning of my 2009 trip to Japan, Vivian and I corresponded via email as I pieced together my itinerary for a 2-week tour of the country.   She was immensely helpful, providing me with ample recommendations of sights to see and things to do. Inevitably we found a way to make our schedules align to meet up in Osaka one night toward the end of my visit in July.  We met near the Dotonbori Bridge in the early evening, with our two friends in tow, and clicked immediately.  Our night was filled with Japanese dance clubs, convenience store sake, and kareoke bars.  Not be your typical blogger meet up I'm sure, but it was a memorable night drinking, dancing, and soaking up the Osaka nightlife out until 3 AM.

My second blogger meet up was just a few weeks ago.  I had the privilege of meeting Ashlee of Where My Heart Resides while she in Seattle on a family vacation.  Ashlee's blog has always been a daily read, and we've been frequent commenters on each others blogs for years.  So when she proposed meeting up while in Seattle, I was admittedly a bit starstruck and excited to meet one of my favorite bloggers in person!  We met up up at a local coffee shop in Kirkland after I got off work, and caught up on life, love, babies, and beyond.  Unfortunately our schedules didn't allow us to talk for too long, but it was a great opportunity to make that blogging connection personal.  

Blogging is a whole new world when it comes to connecting people.  I love the possibilities that blogging provides, connecting individuals across continents.  Whether it be commenting on each others blogs, sending side emails, it's often baffling to think you feel like you know these people, but in reality, you've probably never met.  I'm happy to say I've forged blog friendships with these women, and made these friendships extend beyond the portal of the internet to become a reality, if even for just a cup of coffee or a night out exploring a new city.  

Have you ever met up with a blog friend before?  How did it go?

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