Week 28

Baby Size: butternut squash, our girl is getting big!
Maternity Clothes: most definitely!  I've been rocking the maternity jeans and capris.  Plus lots of Old Navy maternity shorts, tees, tanks, as well as a few pre-maternity tops, dresses, and maxi dresses
Food Cravings: Burgers (although wishing I could add my usual blue cheese and crispy bacon topping)
Food Aversions: pho, still, just doesn't sound good...
Symptoms: achy tailbone but that varies day to day, more and more tired (I fell asleep sitting up at my computer at home while working on report cards for about 20 minutes, ha!)
Sleep: Getting up once or twice a night
Movement: Lots of movement, feels stronger now, especially when I'm sitting down or resting
Belly Button: just popped out 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Best Moment of the Week: I passed my glucose test, no gestational diabetes, woohoo!  Also, my college girlfriends threw me a literature-themed baby shower this weekend, so fun!  
What I'm Looking Forward To: finishing the nursery, my wonderful, handy husband just finished putting the dresser together, our nursery is shaping up quite nicely!  My after school project today is to begin organizing clothes and supplies!
What I Miss: Being able to tie my shoes easily and put sandals on by myself
Wedding Rings on or off? on, no problems here yet
Currently Reading: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and The Nursing Mother's Companion are on hold for me at the library, so they're next up!
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