Sick Kitty

My poor cat Jenga is sick.  
It started out a little over a week ago.  Jenga is usually a spunky, incredibly friendly, vocal cat.  She's active, with a perpetual spring in her step, and typically voracious for food.  The second a tin can is cracked open, she's a-sprinting toward the dish, eager to gorge herself on a delectable morsel of Fancy Feast.  This was true, up until last week.  All of a sudden, she became lethargic, reluctant to move off the couch, her verbal prowess suddenly silenced, and her appetite - gone.  My husband and I literally had to bring her food and hand feed her giblets and water.  :(  Not a good sign, my friends, not good.

Fast forward one and a half weeks, two vet appointments, three biopsies, and a bottle of twice-a-day-perscribed pills later...  Her condition is no longer a mystery (auto-immune), and her demeanor is slightly improved, but still..she's definitely not her old self.  It's so sad to see your normally perky, verbal cat feeling crummy, and even worse, in pain.  

We're hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, though I try not to keep that idea in the forefront of my mind.  She's only been on the pills for about 3 days now, with a follow-up vet appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  Our vet did suggest this condition would not be an overnight recovery, rather a slow, arduous one... but right now our dear, sweet Jenga just seems so listless, uncomfortable, and sad, which breaks my heart.

Please keep my dear sweet friend in your thoughts this week, we're praying for her to hang on and make it through this, any positive sentiments are greatly appreciated.

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