Week 27

Baby Size: head of cauliflower
Maternity Clothes: maternity jeans and tops, pre-maternity tops/maxi dresses
Food Cravings: Raisin bran (So random, right?  I had an insatiable craving one night and my wonderful, doting husband drove to the store at 8:30 pm to get me a box, he's the best!)
Food Aversions: pho
New Symptoms: occasional sleeplessness 
Movement: Lots of kicking, flipping, and moving around in there
Belly Button: pretty much popped out 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Best Moment of the Week: dinner & Great Gatsby with my girlfriends, co-hosting my best friend's bridal shower
What I'm Looking Forward To: organizing the nursery
What I Miss: Spinning class (I think I'm a little big for the bike at present)
Currently Reading: just finishing up Bringing Up Bebe, taking a break from baby books and listening to Where'd You Go Bernadette on CD in the car

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