Apple Pie Lesson

I realized I forgot to blog about fulfilling one of my summer goals - learning how to make a pie from the master (my grandma). My Nonie is renown for pie baking in my family. While apple is her speciality, she's a whiz at them all: lemon meringue, blackberry, marionberry, strawberry rhubarb, shall I go on?

Nonie has taught my mom, her mom (my great-grandma), and my oldest cousin Jenny. So it was only a matter of time before I became the student. We decided on apple, because according to Nonie, that is the easiest. We made the crust, peeling and sliced all the apples, seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, and baked the masterpiece together into a lovely dessert. It was delicious (I only wish I had a taken a picture to display my hard work).

Thanks Nonie, can't wait to bake another!

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