Dinner Last Night: Chipotle Fish Tacos

After dining on fish tacos in the Seattle sunshine earlier in the week with friends, I was inspired to try my hand and recreate the dish at home.  We used this recipe with mahi mahi, my husband grilled the fish, and I assembled the rest.  The result: some darn good fish tacos!  We pretty much stuck to the recipe, I didn't have tomatoes on hand, so instead we doubled up on lime marinated cabbage for a satisfying crunch.  Also added a splash of chipotle adobo sauce and an extra flourish of cilantro.   YUM!   And can I just say, my new favorite ingredient to use while cooking is plain greek yogurt.  It mimics sour cream to a T and is so multi-functional and delicious (how did I just realize this?!).  

We had planned on saving the extra filets for leftovers but alas...we ate them all!  
I guess that's a good sign of a recipe worth repeating, am I right?



rooth said...

Oooh, sounds and looks really tasty.

Lacey said...

Those look divine! Fish tacos are one of my favorites.