Olympics Link Love

+ The *coolest* Olympics party for kids (I will definitely want to host this for my kids someday)

+ Ever wonder where the athletes live during the games?  Take a peek!

+ "Call Me Maybe" a la the Olympic swim team

+ Did you see Aly Raisman's parents during her routine?  It's like an SNL skit waiting to happen!

+ Olympic body match - what event are you physically cut out for?  (My stats have me as a female boxer or a male football {soccer} player) 

+ Olympians diets aren't as healthy as you'd think...

+ The 411 on sex in the Olympic village

+ Royal silver: the queen's granddaughter medals in equestrian 

+ Top 10 Olympics movies

+ Don't you just love Missy Franklin?



Robyn said...

i think Missy is great-and she is so up for it and fun-love that call me maybe video! cool links!

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