The Ever-Modern Kitchen

While I don't have an ounce of counter space left in our kitchen, I'm always intrigued by the latest and greatest kitchen tools.  Lately, these gadgets have caught my eye...
Keeps your eggs in order, a convenient way to keep your eggs sorted by freshness.
Boils, blanches, steams, and drains.  Use it for everything from broccoli to artichokes to eggs.
The green alternative to saran wrap, forms a tight seal on any smooth surface.
Cuts, pits, and scoops avocados, all in one.

What kitchen tools/gadgets have caught your eye lately?


Callie Grayson said...

These are very cool kitchen tools.
I may need to add a few to my kitchen supplies

rooth said...

Those are such specific tools. Although I did get introduced to a tomato knife the other day and decided I must have one. Even though I hardly ever buy tomatoes

Leslie said...

We have very little kitchen space, but sometimes I decide I must have a new gadget/serving dish. Like on Monday night where I just HAD to have a deviled egg dish. The husband pointed out the impracticality and I didn't get it, but I must admit that I was bummed.

heather{land} said...

I need new kitchen supplies like a hole in my head, but I love that egg skelter! It would take up a lot of room in the fridge though :(

Anonymous said...

That food pod and egg contraption are just interesting to look at!


Ashlee Gadd said...

WHOA. I want a food pod!!!

Unknown said...

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