What's In Your Kindle?

Well, I finally caved and joined the kindle club. This is a big step for me, as I've always considered myself a "book person" through and through. First off, I love reading, I'm kind of a reading nerd - if you will. Plus, I love the tangible nature of books; the weight of a book in my hands, the smell of the pages, the quick turn of a page... All those little nuances that make reading captivating.

But, having said that, I can devour a book in a relatively short period of time. And books are not light, nor are they conducive to packing for a vacation. When it comes down to deciding what will ultimately fit in my suitcase; do I want to pack 3 books OR do want to bring those cute wedges and the riding boots... When it comes to vacation packing, books can be a pain. For example: I brought 3 books on our honeymoon for beach/poolside reading, which I finished on Day 5 of our 7 days. At that moment I remember pondering the convenience of a tablet reader and the ability to purchase a new story with the ease of a single click.

I casually mentioned this to my husband, and voila, I received a kindle on my birthday! While I'm still going to buy books in book form, I'm excited at the prospect of traveling lighter, while wetting my reading appetite.

So I ask...what's in your kindle? Or in other words, what are you currently reading? I need some recommendations as I have 3 flights in the next month, and I need to stock up on some good books!

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