Hair Do?

I am a big fan of the updo. Whether that be your basic ponytail or a twisty, messy knot atop my head, it is the convenience of being able to throw my hair up at a moments whim that helps me resist the urge to chop it all off.

However, I admit, I am no master of the perfect bun. Now, maybe I stand alone here, but the DIY updo ala pinterst may seem effortless it it's visual step by step guide, however by step 3, my hair never quite looks as it should in the tutorial. Am I alone here? I am envious of the messy-chic buns captured daily by some of my favorite bloggers - especially Naomi, her hair always looks effortless perfect, how does she do it??
The turning point for me, when doing my hair became an important routine worth cultivating, was during my awkward tween middle school years at a private-Catholic all-girl school. I soon realized, that hair, when styled correctly, could actually improve one's appearance and significantly enhance your chances of slow dancing with cute boys from neighboring parochial schools at middle school dances. Who knew?!?

During this era, my friend Sarah and I were notorious for the pull-through-bun, which at the time was the "cool" style, and frankly the only acceptable hairstyle we thought worth donning, during our ever-important seventh grade year. This "look" - if I can even call it that - was your basic ponytail, with the pony pulled through the band as far as humanly possible without making the actual tail. Basically you were left with a limp loop of hair hanging from your band. As I recall, this style didn't exactly hold up throughout the day, which be default meant many superfluous trips to the bathroom, with the sole purpose of reviewing said loop in the mirror, and redoing as necessary.

Now, years later, looking back at pictures of ourselves, we laugh uproariously at this hairstyle we swore by. We even affectionately refer to this once beloved loop as "the bag of poop" hair, as there is an utterly uncanny resemblance between the that loop of hair and those compostable baggies that accompany walkers to the dog park.

Do not worry though, once I am able to master the messy but effortless chic chignon bun I will surely post it - if only so you can honestly break it to me, that all these years later, I'm still wearing the bag of poop hair. :)

image via pinterest

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