Snow Day

We've had on-again, off-again flurries since Saturday afternoon, and a good 2-3 inches that have stuck throughout the weekend.  There was even a handful of fluffy white flurries descending during school today - much to my second graders delight - so as you can imagine we got a LOT of work done.  Right....  

And now, we have the official declaration from the district - tomorrow is a snow day!  Despite the fact that it is not snowing...yet.  Let me explain... Here in Seattle and surrounding area, we are an it-snows-once-a-year-maybe-twice-on-a-big-year-kind-of-town.  Translation: natives of the area (including myself) are typically NOT everyday snow drivers.  Now, please know that much of this is due to the  fact that our city does not have adequate DOT snow plow equipment to clear the majority of our cities streets.  We're talking approximately 15 plows for the entire city of Seattle last time I checked - THAT'S IT, seriously!  As a result, this leaves most snowy roads to freeze overnight, making for even slipperier conditions in the early morning.  Seattle is also infamous for having way too many drivers attempt to drive up the city's many hills without the ability of 4-wheel drive - and then abandon said cars when their efforts to climb these icy hills prove fruitless.  

In a nutshell - we have strong reactions to the impending threat of snow, including delaying or canceling school.   All day long the local news online has been declaring this "Seattle Storm 2012," and predicting an ample 6-10 inches due to fall tonight. I guess we shall see! 

Happy Snow Day!!

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