Thai One On

My present to my mom for her birthday was a Thai cooking class that we could do together. Since we're both HUGE fans of Thai food, we signed up for a Thai cooking class, affectionately entitled, "Thai One On." As in traditional Thai cuisine, we cooked with only fresh ingredients; lemongrass, lime juice, fresh tumeric, kaffir lime leaves, and beyond. We were definitely satiated by the end of the class, as there were 4 courses including desserts.

Here's a peek at the menu we made:
* veggie spring rolls with tamarind dipping sauce
* coconut sticky rice with shrimp
* chicken satay with peanut ginger sauce
* green papaya salad
* pad thai with tofu
* green curry with Thai eggplant and shiitake mushrooms
* red curry with chicken and peanuts
* forbidden rice with coconut cream

Delicious! Can't wait to (hopefully someday) have a Thai feast at home.



Leslie said...

I'm so jealous that you were able to take a Thai cooking class. I've tried to make Thai several times unsuccessfully. I love it if you post any recipes you make or even just any hints!

A New England Girl said...

What a neat birthday present! I would love to do something like that.

heather{land} said...

mmmm. Jealous. I have found a few places here in the Big O that maybe are remotely as good as my hometown joint...

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am totally stealing this idea for Mothers Day!! What a fun idea!

Unknown said...

How fun! I bet she loved her present! Such a good idea.

Laura said...

what a wonderful idea to do with your mom! I'm stealing this one, too;) The menu looks sinful.

rebecca said...

our go-to thai place is closed for renovations and we're DYING. i'm gonna have to do the same if it doesn't open up ASAP.

Sonja said...

mmmm! yum!
That's an awesome present! Fun and delicious and useful!
Birthday present success! :o)

Gracey Williams said...

Wow that sounds awesome! A Thai cooking fun!