House Hunters International

I just discovered a new show which I'm now currently obsessed with - House Hunters International on HGTV. I've never really indulged in any of the HGTV shows previously, because I made the blanket assumption that most HGTV shows would be about home projects or renovations, which I didn't think would keep me interested... And yet, I'm finding myself captivated by this show because they take home buying international!

I've been DVRing up a storm, and have watched potential buyers travel to Mexico, Morocco, Slovenia, and beyond in search of the perfect international home. I think it's more inspiring to me from the travel perspective than the actual home, but nonetheless, I'm enjoying my new TV find!

If you could buy a vacation home in another country somewhere in the world - where would it be? Right now I think I'm leaning toward France or Argentina (based on what I've seen on House Hunters International).
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