Inspired by Lindsay's wish list over at La Belle Vie, I created my own...

I wish I had the ocean as my backyard.
I wish I could travel endlessly with the constraints of time and money.
I wish I could eat fresh croissants and savory pastries from here everyday.
I wish I could sing reasonably well.
I wish Lost never ended.
I wish I had Blake Lively's wardrobe.
I wish credit cards paid themselves.
I wish my sisters lived closer to me.
I wish that everyone could understand the joys of being a teacher.

What do you wish for?

idea via labellevie


Signe said...

This is such a great idea, think I might just steal it as well :)

Have a lovely Wednesday!

jillian m. said...

i agree with absolutely everything in your wish list! blake lively is one of the most well-dressed people i've ever seen, lost was THE best and i'd love to travel the world without having to worry about my "responsibilities"...

Lindsay said...

Glad you made your own list :)

You came up with some great stuff! I'd love to raid Blake's closet too.

Nicole Marie said...

i wish i could travel more too!!

Anna said...

I wish I had Blake Lively's body.