Happy Friday

It's dreary and rainy outside and it's so dark it looks about 7 pm right now, and it's only 3:00. This weekend I've got an agenda of report cards ahead of me. Hoping to relax, sleep in, maybe watch one of my go-to rainy day movies I watch when I'm wishing I was in Paris.

Any big plans?


Sini said...

That movie is my favourite. I'm lucky to live in south of France and sometimes at summer there is accordion player just under our window.. then I know I'm really in the heart of France, cooking french things and smiling.

Krystal said...

oh paris. le sigh. it's dreary here too but i have thanksgiving with friends tonight :)

Carissa said...

no big plans, doing about the same! ha. it's been rainy and dreary here too so I slept in and have mostly been in bed all day, watching TV, catching up on blogs. nothing like a lazy weekend, right? hope yours is wonderful and relaxing!