Friends Party

Watching Friends reruns was a favorite college past-time for my college girlfriends and I. We lived in a sorority amid 95 other girls, and would find ourselves curling up in one of our rooms on lazy days to watch our favorite episodes of this hilarious show.

To spice up an otherwise ordinary November weekend, my friend Erin hosted 5 of us for a Friends sleepover! Erin's husband is a pilot in the air force, and they recently relocated to a house just off of the air force base, about an hour outside of Seattle. It was the perfect opportunity to have some quality girl time, as well as see her new digs.

We made mac 'n cheese, drank cider and white wine, and watched our favorite episodes. Some of our faves included - Pivot, The Lightning Round, Football Thanksgiving, Ross's Tanning Fiasco, The Apothecary Table, and The Leather Pants. Good times!
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