App Happy

Hello all - did I ever tell you I did end up converting to the iphone? I can't remember...but yes, after my return from Japan I purchased an iphone 4 and left the world of blackberries to joint he ranks of the iphoners. I'm still getting used to how everything works.

As of now, I'm dazzled by the apps, (however, I've been told this will fade as the novelty of the phone wears off). But I have to admit, as much as I love the apps, I miss the blackberry as a "phone." I think it comes down to the fact that the blackberry was just more comfortable as a talking device.

For any iphone users out there - any insight to any MUST-HAVE apps I must investigate and potentially download?


amy anne said...

I miss my blackberry everytime I look at my iphone! Five steps to just dial a number is a little ridiculous in my opinion. But, I have recently discovered the ShakeIt photo app and it turns pictures into polaroids! I love it, but still miss the bb.

Nicole said...

I never had a BB to compare the iPhone to. I made the transition from a crappy clam-shell pay-as-you-go cell to the iPhone so my brain nearly melted with excitement.

As far as free apps, get Words With Friends. And if you have Netflix, get that app. You can watch instant movies when you're on a plane or have some time to kill.


Lili said...

I converted from Blackberry to iPhone as well and have only thought of going back once when I missed my BBM friends. I still love discovering new apps that I use regularly to help manage things. There's way too many out there though!

Here are some that I use and love:

- mobileRSS (to read my googlereader on the go)
- wikipanion (wikipedia)
- pageonce (view my bills and bankaccounts on the go-have to sign up with account on website)
- Yelp/Fandango/MenuPages/NYCMate/NiteLight - all good NYC apps if you're in NYC
- shazam (to detect music playing on a radio or in restaurants - works 1/2 the time if the room is too loud)
- Auditorium (beautiful sound and light puzzle game)
- pudding camera, photomaton, photofilters, purilite, ps express (good camera apps)
- twitter/facebook/flickr - good if you use those websites

paid (around .99ct)
- whatsapp - connect with your blackberry friends, they have to buy it too though :\
- notifyme - good to do reminder app with push
- angry birds - fun and funny game
- pictureshow - great camera app with cool effects and borders
- sleep cycle - i really like this, it detects your sleep patterns and wakes you with a gentle alarm

good luck picking apps you enjoy :)

Anna Walker said...

I really like my blackberry, but I have always always been curious about the iPhone! :)

The Mel B said...

Shazam and Hipstamatic for sure. And I can't get enough Bejeweled.

Today Hilary... said...

I like the feather report.dr