If You Like Ghost Stories...

Truth: I'm a scaredy cat. Always have been, always will be. I'm semi-afraid of the dark, haunted houses, creepy sound effects, and ghosts. While I do believe in ghosts, I must admit they scare me quite a bit. Yes, I'm a slightly tougher when it comes to scary books, but I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies. For example, the Scream series - as in the Courteney Cox movies - most people viewed as fluff Hollywood slasher movies - these films terrified me! In high school, I was afraid to answer my phone for about a month for fear that someone was lurking outside my window waiting for me to take the bait.

So as you can imagine, I've never been a big fan of ghost novels, or anything of the sort. But when I heard Audry Niffenegger (author of The Time Traveler's Wife) had written a book, I overlooked the "ghost" factor and decided to try it out. The story Her Fearful Symmetry is very unusual, and unlike any other book I've read. It was thought provoking and interesting in it's ghostly nature, but it is definitely a book that's easy to get into and read through.

My rating: I would give it a B, maybe even a B- as I wasn't keen on the ending. But remember I'm biased - I don't like ghost stories, so perhaps you should read and judge for yourself.

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