Fried Chicken: A Migratory Bird?

There's just something about fried chicken. We know it's bad for us, yet we just can't resist the tempation to eat it. If you're echoing my thoughts, you're not alone. The New York Times just featured an article exploring the migration trends of fried chicken. Apparently this traditionally Southern dish is migrating North fast and furious, already flooding the trendy neighborhoods of New York City with it's tasty goodness.

While some claim this Southern favorite has no flavor once fried, critics warn there's more to fried chicken than crust. Ethnic cuisines are embracing this tasty entree, adding their own spices and flavors to make it their own, for example the spicy dark meat fryers in Korean-influenced glaze at NYC's Momofuku.

In Seattle, I'm a fan of the fried chicken at Kingfish Cafe, a Southern haunt in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I'm a little afraid to try a fryer solo, but I'm up to a challenge. Anyone have a fried chicken recipe worth a share?

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