Hotcake Hot Spot

Inspired by Seattle Metropolitan magazine's latest issue, "Hot Breakfast Spots," my Mom and I popped into Geraldine's Counter, to taste out this recommendation ourselves. This Columbia City neighborhood favorite features diner style decor, and breakfast and lunch cuisine without the grease you'd expect from comfort food. Breakfasts are garnished with thick slices of homemade sourdough toast, and a warm, friendly disposition from the wait staff. I can personally vouch for the avocado and pepperjack omelet, which was delicious!

Also a fun fact newcomers may not know: patrons who pay with cash receive "Geraldine dollars." This Monopoly-esque money is awarded $1 for every $ spent in tax on your meal. These dollars can be saved and cashed in for future dining endeavors at Geraldine's Counter. Frequent this new hot-spot enough, you might be able to swing a free meal! images/SeattleMetropolitan/Geraldine'sCounter
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