Gates of Paradise

Getting excited for the new exhibit opening at the Seattle Art Museum this weekend (January 26th - April 6, 2008). On loan from the Duomo Baptistry (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo) in Florence, Italy, are three panels from the famed Gates of Paradise. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing these gilded bronze reliefs in person, definitely go! The intricate use of depth and perspective are visually stunning. On exhibit at the SAM are three of the ten panels, by artist Lorenzo Ghiberti. Together these panels become what Michelangelo dubbed the "Gates of Paradise," perhaps the most influential work in Italian Renaissance art.Even if you don't consider yourself an art buff, know this: this is the first exhibition in the United States for these panels, which are 550+ years old! Having been exposed to the elements for such a long period of time, they recently underwent an extensive restoration, and are now being exhibited in four US cities, including Seattle. When the tour is up, they will return to Florence indefinitely. So...don't miss this opportunity!images Wikipedia
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