My aunt happens to be next-door-neighbors with the founder of glassybaby. These glass candle votives are hand blown from different shaded color rods to create a mix of opaque, translucent, and deeply colored glasses. When lit they produce a warm, inviting glow. There are 53 rich colors to choose from, to compliment your room of choice. My aunt prefers the loud reds, yellows, and vibrant greens, while my Mom is a fan of the pastel collection. Either way, they are a beautiful way to lighten up a room.


MAHOLLA! said...

my aunt is OBSESSED with these! She has about 50, all different colors to go with different things . . . . gave them as xmas gift . . . . they are cool though.

Carol said...

I also am obsessed with glassy babies! And I love how she donates some of the money to charitis, like Fred Hutchinson!