Thoughts & Weekend Baking

This weekend we celebrated my grandma’s life. Aunts and uncles and cousins and friends poured in from many places to remember one wonderful, amazing woman and matriarch of our family. In lieu of a church memorial, one of her final requests was simply to have a “big party.” And party we did. There was plenty of wine, a bagpiper, two makeup artists who beautified all the women in attendance, as my grandma was known to be careful and intentional as she “put her face on.” The food was catered by her favorite restaurant, and in addition to a platter of See’s candy (her favorite sweet indulgence), four homemade apple pies baked by two granddaughters (including yours truly), her daughter, and daughter-in-law. Feeling like we wouldn’t have enough desserts, I also added this old fashioned gingerbread cake to the lineup. It was rich and decandent and prettied up with sugar, I’m sure my grandma would’ve loved it. 

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