Friday Fun

Countdown to Christmas is on!  What are you up to this weekend?  My sisters are flying home from their respective cities, families in tow, and we're got a Christmas concert on the agenda for tomorrow, and a baking day with friends on Sunday.  Looking forward to enjoying holiday cheer with family and friends.

+ officially obsessed with these two new cookbooks

+ holiday foods I want to try making this season: lefse and latkes - ever made either before?

+ and maybe these brownies...I've mostly dairy-free except holiday sweets are my kryptonite, and who can resist salted caramel?

+ loving these family photos (loved this other photo shoot of theirs from years ago)

+ can't stop thinking about this NY Times article

+ middle school misfortunes, this is a heartbreaking but necessary read

+ love the white on white, hardware, and clean lines of this kitchen

+ ever had pie for dinner?

+ this soup sounds ideal for cold winter nights

+ have you watched the second season of mrs. maisel yet?  the first episode disappointed but the season recovered - p.s. enjoying Zachary Levi as the newest cast addition


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