Friday Fun

Hello out there! Sorry for the radio silence, had a bit of a snafu with laptop (it died and because it’s “vintage,” circa 2012 (!!) the Genius Bar claims it’s beyond repair...womp womp). Trying to figure out this blogging this on my iPad, but it’s not as user friendly. are you? How was your Thanksgiving?? 

+ I known Thanksgiving has past, but doesn’t this stuffing sound amazing?!?!

+ bookmarking this podcast episode for future listening

+ I made this delightful cinnamon cardamomy bread today (baking as I type)

+ just started reading this much talked about book and I’m hooked 

+ kind of obsessed with this new Christmas album 

+ a heartbreaking article about a club you never want to be in

+ my signature lip color for the season 

+ this gingerbread cake is on my list to bake this season

+ this eggless breakfast casserole is on the docket for this weekend

+ do you celebrate advent? Check out tsh’s advent guide!

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