Dinner Last Night: Sausage + Mushroom Polenta

After falling down the Rachel Hollis rabbit hole after listening to her outstanding book, Girl, Wash Your Face, I learned that she started her career as a food blogger.  Who knew?!  On her website, The Chic Site, there was one of those attention grabbing posts that I always fall for "12 quick and easy dinners," and this meal in particular caught my eye, sausage and mushroom polenta.  I don't remember growing up with polenta, but after having a life changing polenta + pesto dish at a friend's wedding August 2016, I decided it's time to make some room for polenta in my life.

As for a kid-friendly meal, one loved the "cheesy rice," the name under which we sold the polenta, another dug the mushrooms, so they kind of a la carted the meal, but hey, we can't win them all!  Though I should note, it was a total hit with the husband!  Ultimately, quick and easy it was - definitely bookmark worthy for another time.

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