Saturday Snooze

Hello...hello.  It's been quiet on the blog for two weeks as we've been volleying back and forth between sicknesses.  First a stomach bug for my kiddos then an intense cold + cough for me.  Capped off with a lot of concealer + makeup for our family photos this morning, and phew, I'm spent!  What are you up to this lovely fall weekend?
+ been thinking a lot about the Christine Blasey Ford testimony this week.  Her bravery, her courage, the strength she's given to other survivors.  This TIME article is worth a read, and quote in particular stood out to me:

"The facts remain unsettled, and Ford’s testimony may not prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. But it was a powerful warning that wealth, status and a record of professional accomplishments were no longer enough to override credible allegations of sexual assault, no matter when they occurred. To young men, it was a message that drunken violence could shadow them all their lives. And to victims, Ford’s testimony was an invitation to speak up, no matter how powerful the accused, no matter how long ago the attack. People will listen, the country seemed to reassure them. We will believe you."

In other less controversial news...

+ bookmarking these easy crockpot carnitas for dinner next week

+ this really struck a cord with me, do you usually find yourself behind the camera? I definitely do.

+ kind of love this tote bag, you've got mail is a personal favorite of mine

+ considering this wall color for our family room - what do you think?

+ do you have a family charter?

+ daydreaming over this airbnb in santorini, can we go tomorrow?

+ eyeing this cozy (currently on sale) sweater for fall

Have a good weekend!


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