Hello, hello.  Sorry my blog has been a bit neglected in the past two weeks.  First, me grandma passed away, which was a devastating loss.  She was an amazing, wonderful woman who had a long, happy life until the end.  Although we knew it was coming, the loss still hits you like a punch in the gut.  And in spite of that sadness, life goes on...  

We had a busy, busy weekend, I hosted an already planned Beautycounter open house, had a long overdue brunch with my college girlfriends, and then my son caught a stomach bug.  He's on the mend, but we're all a little tired - emotionally and physically - as we shift back into gear for the week.  

+ took a break from my go-to rerun show to binge this in a manner of days. I just loooove John Krasinski, and I thought he did great in an action role.

+ reading and thinking about this candid advice on raising teenage girls (wise wisdom, bookmarking this for later).

+ just finished this amazing book...seriously amazing.  like top 5 reads of my life!  in depth post to follow (p.s. I listened to the audiobook which I highly recommend, the first narrator's voice was so eloquent and hypnotically captivating).

+ made this for dinner this week to kick off fall, and it was a surprising hit with my kids who historically haven't been fans of soup.

+ did you hear, there's going to be a downton abbey movie?!  am I the last to know?

+ taking notes on yet another one of ashley's amazing travelogues, have you ever been to puglia?

What have you been up to?


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