Friday Fun

+ I've always been a fan of old-fashioned correspondence and this lovely article was simply the icing on the cake - there truly is power in writing and receiving thank you notes!

+ this family costume idea is genius!

+ don't think my kids would agree, but I think this side dish sounds delectable

+ hoping to make these little guys with my kids this weekend

+ might have to carve out some time to bake this even more perfect apple pie

+ these two guys doing a michael jackson cover on the cello is insanely good!

+ I have ambitions to incorporate this village into our Halloween decoration someday

+ did you read this cookbook?  interested in the new show based on the book

+ ever thought to style your fall outfits after seasonal molly moon ice cream flavors, I don't know about you but vegan plum crisp sounds pretty delightful!

have a great weekend!

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