Trying to Become a Morning Person

Are you a morning person?  Historically, I have not been.  I looooooove me some sleep.  Most days, I wait for my kids to wake me up in the morning, which can vary day to day, typically from 6:00 AM to almost 8:00 AM.  When it's the latter, I often wake up already feeling behind.  The morning is harried, we're rushed to get all the things done, and often scrambling to get out the door to pre-school or the day's activities.  

Recently, I heard Tsh Oxenreider on her podcast, The Simple Show explaining how a mindset shift regarding waking up has helped reframe her entire day.  She stated that began intentionally waking up early, before her children in order wake up "FOR my day instead of TO my day."  Friends, I heard this, and it was a lightbulb moment for me!  These words resonated with me soundly, suddenly waking up early didn't sound so bad, in fact, it seemed quite ingenious!  

I set an alarm, not necessarily with the intention of working out or doing a task, but just to awake "for my day."  I've found, in spite of my love of sleep, when I tried this, waking up earlier, "to my day," I feel more alert, prepared, and focused for the day. Who knew that a few quiet moments to myself; bet that getting dressed, washing my face, having a quiet cup of coffee, was a surge of energy I didn't know I could benefit from.  

What do you tend to do?  Wake up for your day or to your day?


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