New Motto

I have a thing with words.  I love quotations.  I love books, especially rereading or relistening to my favorites.   And when I hear a quote I resonate with, I latch onto it.  I've subscribed to a few select quotes in my life, but most recently I've been been rolling beloved children's author Amy Krouse Rosenthal's quote "make the most of your time here" around in my brain, fixating over the weight, importance, and depth of these words.  Seven words that together behold so much meaning and significance. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, annoyed, or dwelling on a small problem or inconvenience, I try and mentally recite this to myself.  Make the most of your time here.  Make the most of your time here.  It helps all the unnecessary noise melt away.  

Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away at age 51 after a short battle with ovarian cancer.  You may recall her from this piece for the New York Times she wrote about her husband, a love letter of sorts, honoring "this extraordinary man" and their life together.  It is touching and heartbreaking, an unorthodox granting of permission of sorts, her way of expressing that she'd like him to eventually move on and fall in love again.

Somehow knowing the circumstances behind her life, illness, and marriage adds an additional weight and meaning to this quote, and her words, at least to me.  If you're in search of a motto, try this one on for size, I hope you'll find it as useful and purposeful as I have.

Do you have a motto?


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