Friday Fun

Hello out there!  How are you?  Can you believe it's already the end of July?  This summer has flown by!  We've been spending our days in camp, afternoons splashing in our oversized baby pool or a dip in the nearby lake.  The scent of sunscreen has permeated my children's skin.  And if feels as if there's popsicles or ice cream at every meal.  Ah, the sweetness of summer.  Here are some links I rounded up for the week.

+ currently captivated by this audiobook

+ also devouring this book

+ my favorite series on motherhood around the world is back!

+ here's what libraries do in amazon's hometown (a counterpoint to the now-deleted controversial article by Forbes contributor Panos Mourdoukoutas) 

+ learned a new word from my audiobook this week.  ever used this word in a sentence?

+ this has me wanting to take my kids to rome tomorrow!

+ are you into the enneagram?  check out this guide to the enneagram types of your fave books, authors, and characters

+ habit shift i need to adopt: making greener back to school lunches

have a great weekend!


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