Somebody Feed Phil

Have you seen Somebody Feed Phil?  It's a Netflix original series that originally began as "I'll Have What Phil's Having" on PBS, but got picked up an renewed via Netflix.  Always a sucker for a good travel show, then throw in a focus on food, and I'm sold!

The host, Phil Rosenthal is a Los Angeles based TV writer, best known for his work writing Everybody Loves Raymond.  He's not your typical travel host - he's quirky, eccentric, but an affable and lovable host who seems to truly connect with the people he meets abroad.  In the show, he travels all over the world, interacting with famous chefs, partaking in culinary traditions and regional cuisines and activities, all the while peppering the show with a slough of eye popping facial expressions.  While he's no Anthony Bourdain, he does bring a certain sentimentality to traveling.  

My husband and I love this show and save it to watch together.  Favorite episodes include Copenhagen (hands down), then Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Dublin, and Venice.  I love shows like this, they give me inspiration for all the places to see someday!

Have you watched it?  If so, what do you think?

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