10 Years of Blogging

Somehow I managed to let a major blogging milestone slip past me in the last two weeks...January 7 marked ten years of blogging for me.  TEN. YEARS.  Holy cow...  It's hard to summarize everything that happened in those ten years, but ultimately a lot has changed, and I do appreciate returning to this little corner I've created.  It's my muse, my yearbook of sorts, marking special occasions, milestones, pitfalls and highlights in my life. 

These days, though I aspire for more, posts are fewer and far between.  Many bloggers I followed in 2008 have since retired or taken hiatus, but I sincerely still love it.  I always loved writing, perhaps because it's just one of those things that just flows to me. And though this blogging community has evolved significantly from those early beginnings of the late 2000's, it's still a space I find delight in returning to, time and time again.  It's also exciting to see how some of my virtual friends have flourished.  For example, I began reading Cup of Jo when it bore its original bare bones template, and Joanna and I used to comment regularly on each other's blogs, and these days, she's a household name garnering millions of followers.   I've enjoyed this community of blog friends, maintaining virtual friendships, some which have even translated to real life (Ashlee and Vivian).

So here it is.  10 Years!  Happy Birthday little blog.  I'm glad you're here.


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