Dinner Last Night: Thai Chicken Meatballs & Roasted Cauliflower with Curry & Lime

Both of these recipes were delicious, relatively simple to put together, and the clincher - kid approved!! The dinner trifecta I strive for every night!  Cha-CHING!  I take my small victories where I can get them my friends....

In terms of prep and planning, I discovered I was missing cilantro, which wasn't missed a huge oversight, but likely would've upped up the flavor a notch.  In addition to the cauliflower, I also roasted carrots, and that tangy mayo-lime dressing at the end was delicious, I feel like I could've subsisted on this dish alone tonight!  We had kale in the fridge, so to add a little greenery, I also made kale chips (tossed with olive oil and tamari and roasted at 400 for 10 minutes).  All in all - a delicious meal and the icing on the cake was that my kids actually ate it all!!  Hooray! 

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