The Pie Project #10 - Key Lime Pie

I'm a little behind on pie project posts - I made a few over the holidays that were eaten faster than they could be photographed, so we're skipping pies #8 and #9 and jumping right to #10 - key lime pie.  I've always enjoyed key lime pie but rarely had the opportunity to indulge in it, except maybe our honeymoon or a random baby shower?  

So when my food guru, Deb, posted this recipe to smitten kitchen, I knew the stars had aligned and it was simply the right time to make this pie.  Which incidentally, turned out to be the most hectic of days; when nap time didn't go as planned, my attempt to melt butter in the microwave ended in a yellow explosion of goop, and a smattering of graham crackers covered my kitchen floor.  There were so many opportunities to give up, but I remember thinking, there is no way I'm throwing away 8 perfectly good limes for no good reason, this pie was going to happen

Thankfully I persevered, because it made for a lovely refreshing dessert for a family dinner - and a nap time snack for the next 4 consecutive days (which in reality, was truly the best part). 

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