The Pie Project #4: Chicken & Veggie Pot Pie

In my quest to make the perfect pie, I hadn't initially anticipated a savory pie would make my list. However, there's a first for everything, so here goes.  

I never grew up eating chicken pot pie, it just wasn't part of our dinner repertoire.  My mom didn't make too many casserole-type dishes, in lieu of fish, steak, or chicken.  However, my husband remembers it being a staple of his Midwestern childhood.  So, to satisfy his craving, I made this version which Real Simple boasted this recipe a fan favorite recipe in their 15th anniversary issue.  

I took it a step further and made my own crust (Joy the Baker's cold butter crust with slightly less sugar, recipe from Homemade Decadence).  Here's my version (pictured below).  Not too bad, right?  
The pot pie was pretty tasty - and made for superb leftovers for the next two days.  Definitely a recipe I'd try again, and despite the milk involved, it did seem a little on the lighter side as pot pies go.

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