Friday Fun

Hello out there, how are you?  We are looking forward to a weekend at home, perhaps we'll turn on the Superbowl - I kind of forgot it's even happening this weekend, after two years of Seahawk fever, it seems it is someone else's turn.  Have a peaceful weekend!

+ the 8 things no one tells you about having kids - so heartfelt and true!

+ I sincerely love the way Joanna explains her age to her boys

+ the best country to raise kids in

+ worth pondering - do our schools lack joy?

+ how cool is this lumberjack cake?

+ no cars allowed! pedestrian only loop coming to Portland

+ an inside look at Chip & Joanna Gaines' farmhouse

+ have you heard of this site to shop for locally sourced food?

+ best of TED talks: 6 talks for purposeful women

+ how trees have social networks too


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