Link Love

How was your Easter?  We had a few friends over for an egg hunt/brunch which was a smashing success, the weather cooperated magnificently, and all had a good time.  Perhaps a few sugar crashes post egg collection, but all in all, a fun day!

I'm a little belated on getting this out pre-Easter (hence the egg picture), but it's too pretty to not share.  Here are some things I've been perusing this week...

+ grammar goddesses tune in - even I admit to using a few of these wrong

+ a turtle-shaped island that only appears in the spring

+ this might be the best deviled egg recipe in history

+ can women get away with wearing the same thing to work everyday?

+ don't need any more glassybabys, but this color caught my eye

+ Taylor Swift does it again - cute style that is

+ Japan's boasts the world's longest living women (and the key to better health)

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