Friday Fun

What are you up to this weekend?  I'm off to a friend's son's baptism tomorrow morning, followed by some projects around the house.  Sunday, my daughter and I are reuniting with an old friend followed by a spring yogurtland run with with one of my students.  Have a lovely weekend!

+ will someone make this for me for dinner?

+ throat soothing popsicles for spring colds

+ is it weird that I like a necklace with tassels?

+ ditches cars for cargo bikes

+ another lip sync battle that raises the bar (anna kendrick/john krasinski)

+ refreshing kiwi margaritas

+ who wouldn't want to wear pizza on a t-shirt?

+ 7 lost american slang words

+ travel dreaming of Thailand

+ how to make a cheap bottle of wine taste amazing

+ new podcasts to try
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