Making a Memory

During these first few days home, I've found myself trying to soak up every sweet moment and savor the smallness of our baby, and her sweet baby scent before she grows up and changes in a flurry.

As I rock in our glider, Riley nuzzled under my chin, I find myself replaying the scene from the original Parent Trap over and over in my head.   Hayley Mills' character, Sharon McKendrick, upon meeting her grandfather for the first time, buries her nose into her grandfather's lapel, and sniffs heartily, much to his bewilderment.  "What are you doing?" he inquires, laughing at her eager smelling. "I'm making a memory," she replies candidly.  "Years from now, when I'm all grown up, I'll remember my grandfather, and how he always smelled of...tobacco and peppermint!"

This is the only way I've been able to describe what I find myself doing these past few weeks...making a memory.  I find myself burying my nose into the soft, downy hair of our little girl's head, inhaling her sweet baby smell, trying to lock this precious scent into the folds of my memory.  Capturing the softness of her skin against mine, the way she fits in crook of my arm, the heaviness of her head on my shoulder...all these moments together, making a memory.

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