8 Days Later...

Well folks, I'm still pregnant...
The due date came and went...and now we're 8 days past her due date.  

I never knew waiting for something would be so hard.  Let me tell you, waiting for a baby up until your due date feels VERY different than waiting for a baby AFTER your due date.  All of you mamas who've delivered babies later, I give you SO much credit...I never had even the faintest, remotest idea how hard the final days of waiting would feel.

Throughout this experience, I have really, truly enjoyed being pregnant.  I love the feeling that I've created life, I love feeling the baby move, wiggle, kick, and flip.  I love talking to her, and hearing my husband talk to her. And up until this point, I feel like I really haven't complained much (you can even ask my husband, he'll attest that this is true).  I haven't minded giving up my normal clothes, alcohol, sushi, soft cheeses, gaining baby weight; the usual things people gripe about. Just knowing that I'm doing these things to keep her safe, happy, and healthy in there is motivation enough.  It has never felt like a sacrifice or a chore.

But now...I'm tired.  I'm anxious.  I'm puffy and swollen.  I'm restless.  I keep wondering, "when will she be here?!" Our friends and family have been checking in; texting, calling, facebook messaging us, as eager as we are.  And while we appreciate that they're thinking of us, our replies remain the same: "still waiting, keep you posted..." We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully we'll have some news of what's to come.

The waiting game continues.  Please come soon baby!  

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