Guest Post: Strawberry Swing and Other Things

The time honored cliche of "they grow up so fast"...

Hi everyone!  I'm Erinn from Strawberry Swing and Other Things.  When Michelle asked me to guest post while she gets to settled to life as a new mom, I jumped at the chance.  I love sharing my stories and of course, love reading about others too, so I thought it was great feature.  However, I had such a hard time deciding what to share.

Looking back over the last 16 months I feel like there have been so many moments and milestones passed, how could I choose one to focus on!  And it's true, they grow up so fast.  My daughter is already quick as lightening, talking up a storm (even if it's really only clear to me, she has a pretty extensive attempt at vocabulary), and already learning skills like sorting shapes and (trying to) put on her shoes.

How did this little baby who was born at 35 weeks gestation weighing only 5lbs and needing preemie clothing, smaller than what some of her dolls would wear, turn into this little child?

So, instead of lamenting on and on, I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways to track all those milestones and make sure you "never miss a moment" memories.

I tracked a lot of Ashlynn's first year in my Mom's One Line a Day journal, of course, not every day, but I did a really great job of attempting to write something each night as I kept it on my nightstand.  I always made sure to mark the major moments - rolling over, smiling, first words, first steps, first foods, etc.

I also purchased a Baby Book from Ruby Love Designs.  I love that I had the ability to personalize it and it was able to add on additional packages to cover other milestones that a traditional baby book doesn't have.

Of course, blogging is an online diary in itself, not to mention my weekly check-ins.  While it did become a struggle getting Ashlynn to lay down for her weekly photo shoot, I'm so glad I can go back week by week and see her meet her milestones, when we struggled, and our all happy times too!

Lastly, Instagram.  Not much to explain here, especially if you are an instagram addict like myself (@ehayes1183), but it makes snapping those every day moments so easy.  Sometimes it's hard remembering to pack or pull out the camera, especially with a baby in your arms, but you always have your phone!

How have you been tracking your little one's first year?  
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