Dinner Last Night: Po Pia

Back in November, shortly after our wedding, my students' families threw my husband and I a wedding shower!  It was such a fun afternoon; cupcakes, bridal shower games, my students even had a Q&A with their teacher's new husband - and he graciously obliged and charmed them all!  Our favorite gift from the shower was a recipe book, a collection of favorite family recipes from all of my students this year, with little anecdotes explaining why this dish is meaningful to them.  It was such an amazing, generous gift, plus we scored insight on some delectable eats.

My first recipe to try - Po Pia, thai fried spring rolls.  This recipe was from one of my students whose mother was born and raised in Thailand, so I consider it a truly authentic Thai recipe!  Once I'd gathered all the necessary ingredients, these were surprisingly easy to create.  I haven't fried a lot of foods in my life, so I was so proud of myself that they were edible (and actually looked like spring rolls - that's my photo above!).   

I'm not going to include the actual recipe I used since it was a gift from the family, but here's a similar recipe to try at home.


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